Ultra Marathon Race Category - Relay/Team Race

100 Meilen Berlin
Berlin, Germany
The 100MeilenBerlin ultra marathon is ran in memory of the numerous Berlin Wall victims.

Athabaska Ultra 100
Alberta, Canada
The Athabaska Ultra 100 Marathon is a 100 mile race along the Athabasca Landing Trail portion of the Trans Canada Trail.

Beaudry Lemming Loop
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
The Beaudry Lemming Loop ultra marathon is a timed event ran through Beudry Provincial Park, west of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Black Spur Ultra
Kimberly, British Columbia, Canada
New for 2015 the Black Spur Ultra is brought to you by the same people who run the Sinister 7 in Alberta.

Brazil 135 Ultramarathon
Sao João da Boa Vista, Brazil
The Brazil 135 Ultramarathon is a 135 km ultra marathon or relay race.

Calgary Marathon
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
The Calgary Marathon offers two ultra distances, 50 Km and 150 km ran in Calgary, Alberta.

Canadian Death Race
Grande Cache, Alberta, Canada
The Canadian Death Race is a 125 km race through the Canadian Rockies over three mountain peaks. Can be ran solo or as a team of up to 5 runners.

Dirty Duo
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Dirty Duo is a 25 km trail run (twice for 50 km) in North Vancouver.

Equinox Marathon
Fairbanks, Alaska, United States

Fat Dog 120 Trail Race
Keremeos, British Columbia, Canada
The Fat Dog 120 Trail Race is a very tough 120 mile ultra marathon in Southern British Columbia with almost the same elevation gain as Mount Everest!

Fire and Ice Ultra
The Fire and Ice ultra marathon in one of the most remote and pristine parts of Iceland.

Grizzly Ultra Marathon & Relay
Canmore, Alberta, Canada
The Grizzly Ultra Marathon and Relay is a very popular Ultra in the Canadian Rockies. With 1300 trail runners challenging the 50km Solo or a team of 2 or 5 runners relay.

Haliburton Forest Trail Race
Ontario, Canada
The Haliburton Forest Trail Race is an ultra marathon and 100 mile relay race through the Haliburton Forest & Wild Life Reserve.

Highland Fling
Milngavie, Scotland, United Kingdom
The Highland Fling ultra marathon and relay race runs along the West Highland Way Trail.

Iron Horse Ultra
St.Paul, Alberta, Canada
Iron Horse Ultra is ran in October along the Iron Horse Trail in the St.Paul area of Alberta Canada. You can run solo or as a team in either 100 km or 100 mile/ 160 km distances.

John Lucas Memorial
Strathaven, Scotland, United Kingdom

Jungle Marathon
Alter do Chão, Brazil
The Jungle Marathon offers 40c temperatures, 99% humidity, jungle with a dense canopy, swamp and river crossings and sleeping in the jungle!

Jungle Ultra Marathon
The Jungle Ultra marathon runs through the Manu National Park in the Jungles of Peru.

Kananaskis Iron Legs
Kananaskis Country, Alberta, Canada
Iron Legs is an 80 km/50 mile race around Moose Mountain in Kananaskis Country.

Kintyre Way Ultra and Relay
Tayinloan, Scotland, United Kingdom
Kintye Way Ultra and Relay runs from Tarbert to Campbeltown along the Kintyre Way,

Race to the Stones
Chinnor, England, United Kingdom
The Race to the Stones is a 100km ultra marathon following along the iconic Ridgeway. Passing Iron Age forts, ancient burial chambers, cross the Thames River to the finish line at the 3,000-year-old stone circle at Avebury.

River Valley Revenge
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
The River Valley Revenge is a 50 km or 100 km race ran either solo or as a relay team.

Rivers Edge Ultra
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
New ultra marathon in the Edmonton River Valley just outside the city limits. This race is run mostly on private land and is an opportunity to see panoramic vistas not usually accessible to the public.

Run in the Buff Ultra
Buffalo Lake Rochon Sands, Alberta, Canada
Run in the Buff Ultra Marathon is a new ultra ran near Buffalo Lake in central Alberta.

Semi Trail des Ô Plateaux
Antananarivo, Madagascar

Sinister 7 Ultra
Crowsnest Pass, Alberta, Canada
Sinister 7 is an ultra marathon ran in the Crowsnest Pass area of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Steve King 100km Classic
Princeton, British Columbia, Canada
The Steve King 100km Classic ultra marathon is a scenic race from Princeton to Summerland.

Whistler 50 Relay and Ultra
Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
The Whistler 50 Relay and Ultra Marathon is centred around Whistler Village and the picturesque Valley Trail system.

Xreid Hardangervidda
Dyranut, Norway
The Xreid Hardangervidda ultra marathon runs through Hardangervidda National Park in Norway.