Ultra Marathon Race Category - Timed race

Dedmonton 24
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Dedmonton 24 is a timed event with 3 times, 6, 12 and 24 hours.

Dirty Girls
Mansfield, Ontario, Canada
The Dirty Girls ultra marathon is a 12 hr, 24 hr, and 48 hr timed event on a 5 mile trails loop.

Glenmore 24
Aviemore, Scotland, United Kingdom
The Glenmore 24 is a time race with two different times, 12 hours or 24 hours. The object is to run as far as you can in the time allotted.

Horror Hill Trail Races
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
The Horror Hill Trail Races is a 6 hour Ultra trail race.

Kingston Self-Transcendence 6-Hour Race
Kingston, Ontario, Canada
The Kingston Self-Transcendence 6-Hour Race is a 6 hour timed event on an 880 metre paved loop along Lake Ontario and around the walls of Fort Frederick.

Romerike Ultraløperklubb
Jessheim, Norway
The Romerike Ultraløperklubb ultra marathon is a timed event held in Jessheim, Norway.

Self-Transcendence Ultra Classic
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
The Self-Transcendence Ultra Classic is a 6 hour, 12 hour and 24 hour timed event ran on a 400 metre indoor track in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

That Dam Hill
London, Ontario, Canada
That Dam Hill is a 3 hr, 6 hr, 12 hr and 50 miles ultra marathon in London Ontario, Canada.