Lost Soul Ultra

Mike Treloar ran Lost Soul Ultra in the following year(s):

2009 - Distance: 100 miles
Very well organized race in Lethbridge Alberta. It may be in the prairies but it is anything but flat! Very tough, very hot, great finishing award, a large river rock with the race, distance and time carved into it.

2012 - Distance: 100 miles
Very well organized race. Extremely hot, 40 degrees Celsius on day two. This is the last year for the large river rock as the finishing award.

2013 - Distance: 100 miles
Very well organized, hot dry conditions, no river rocks but cool 12 inch carved tile as finishers award.

2014 - Distance: 100 miles
Extremely well organized race and perfect running conditions, if not a little hot on the second day. Still a very challenging course, lots and lots of very steep hills!

2015 - Distance: 100 miles
A very hot year, 31 degrees on first day then 38 on the second. Very well organized race. It would be a pleasure to run if it wasn't such a tough course! Placed third in 50+ age group.

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